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  Compliance Student Area - materials for the course we teach at Sydney University Law School entitled "Compliance: Theory and Practice in the Financial Services Industry":
    Assignment - the assignment to be completed by students taking the course for assessment
    Course Outline - a bullet point summary of the topics covered in each lecture in the course
    Glossary of Abbreviations - a glossary of the abbreviations used in the lecture slides
    Lecture Slides - annotated copies of the lecture slides used in the course
    Past Exam Papers - copies of past exam papers for the course
    Reading List - a list of compulsory and recommended reading materials for each lecture in the course, with hyper-links to most documents referred to in the reading list
    Timetable - the timetable for the course.
    Australian Statutes - read, search or download a copy of key Australian statutes (Federal and State)
    FSR Source Materials - access various Acts, Regulations, Policy Statements, Class Orders, papers and other source materials for the financial services reforms introduced in March 2002;
    ASIC Regulatory Guides - access ASIC's on-line version of its Regulatory Guides
    ASX Listing Rules - access the ASX's on-line version of its Listing Rules, Appendices and Guidance Notes
    ASX Market Rules - access the ASX's on-line version of its Market Rules
    SFE Operating Rules - access the SFE's on-line version of its Operating Rules
  Useful Links
    Legal - law firms, professional associations and courts
    Securities Commissions and Exchanges - the major securities regulators in Australia and overseas
    Government - Federal and State governments, Federal and State parliaments, Federal and State taxation offices and Federal government departments and agencies
    Institutions - accounting/actuarial/tax, central banks, corporate/management, financial markets, international bodies and ratings agencies
    Miscellaneous - Australia Post, city maps, company information, country profiles, currency exchange rates, dictionaries and thesauruses, phone and business directories, stamp duty calculators, time calculators, weather sites and world atlas
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